Used as a baby mat, play mat, children’s carpet, sports mat or crawling mat – the AKO Babymat can be used in a variety of ways and offers secure support on all floors for the individual development of little ones. It provides security at any age and in any situation, and encourages movement. Non-slip and water-repellent, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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Safety and protection for little ones

Falling down and getting up again is as much a part of motor development as it is of life. How nice to know that nothing can happen. This is because the AKO crawling mat cushions a wide variety of surfaces such as parquet, tiles, concrete or grass and has an insulating effect. It protects children from bumps and falls both indoors in the living room and outdoors in the garden, and keeps them warm at the same time.

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Oeko-Tex / Quality Made in Germany

Certified to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, the AKO Babymat is tested for harmful substances and fulfils the strict criteria of the baby standard. Skin-friendly and vegan, the crawling mat is made in Germany. The entire value chain is concentrated in one place. Thanks to carefully selected materials and high quality standards, the crawling mat is extremely durable.

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Hygiene and care

Anything that can go wrong can simply be wiped off the mat with a damp cloth. If necessary, the AKO Babymat can be sanitised with a hygiene cleaner. The mat can be cleaned quickly with a hoover. Washing at 30°C is possible in larger washing machines. However, not in the spin cycle, and only without other items in the washing drum. To store the crawling mat: simply roll it up.

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Selected variety of colours

Life becomes more colourful with children. But it doesn’t have to look like a children’s room wherever children play. The AKO crawling mat is available in nine different colours. This means that there is a suitable play mat for every living space, which blends harmoniously into its surroundings thanks to the selected variety of colours. Whether muted tones in the living room or brighter colours in the playroom – the AKO crawling mat is available for every individual colour taste. So it can be seen at any time.

Plum Purple
Mango Yellow
Light Blue
Olive Green
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Suitable space

Who likes to play alone? The AKO crawling mat offers enough space for young and old to play together comfortably. Whether it’s a small play corner or a large outdoor playroom in the garden – the AKO crawling mat is available in different sizes. Both indoors and outdoors, the play mat offers maximum comfort and just the right amount of space for individual needs. So there are no limits to fun and games.

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Crawling mat for life

“From 0 to 99” is the slogan on numerous game packaging examples. The AKO Babymat also offers support and safety even for small children. Use changes as children get older, but the comfort of the crawling mat remains the same. Where yesterday, they were crawling and cushioning their first steps, today, they are building towers and stalls on the play mat. And even tomorrow, the AKO crawling mat in its function as a children’s sports mat offers the perfect surface for gymnastics or chilling out during puberty. These possible uses and its long service life make the underlay particularly sustainable.


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